Rotary Tiller  Agriculture Machine

Making Agriculture Fast & Safe.

Gurukrupa mini series rotary tillers has been specially designed for compact and small tractors of 12 to 25 hp tractors.

It is particularly used for seedbed preparation, gardening, green house operations. ground and landscape maintenance.

The compact design and low profile of mini series rotary tillers allow the tiller to work safely under our hanging branches and close to green houses. It can be also used for the inter cultivation tillage.

Our Newest Products

C type Rotary tiller 800px-min

C-Type Blade Rotry Tiller 

Seed dril1-min

Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

L type rotry tiller1-min

L-Type Blade Rotry Tiller 

Shree Gurukrupa Providing the best quality agriculture product

We provide  best quality product and manufacturing  the Rotary Tiller, Troly, Water  Tenk, etc. we providing the all type agriculture parts and new product development and we provide bank subsidy.

Our Vision

 We concentrate on the best quality of product by optimizing the value of the product through Check.

Main Point

Shree Gurukrupa  providing multiple working mechanism provide good work in farm in minimum time to good work

Worker Experience

Our worker are good experience and developed different different type product and use in farms.  

Our Management

We can conducting the step by step working and testing  the all parts.  
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